Liberty Hive's Christmas Carol

As we head towards a new year, we have been reflecting on life at Liberty Hive.  Launching in lockdown and heading into another period of tightened restrictions, we are now nearly a year old and thriving despite these turbulent conditions.  Sadly our first birthday party might be on hold !!!

We’ve taken a leaf out of Dicken’s Christmas Carol and had a quick peek at our Past, Present and Future – thinking about some of the lessons we’ve learnt along the way which we would love to share with you.

Once upon a time...

...two slightly daunted co-founders sought tech partners and investors. They quickly learnt that building bespoke platforms and navigating their way around complex SEIS schemes, never mind shareholder agreements takes time and patience.

But you don’t have to wait for everything to be perfect!  As they nervously told the industry about what they were planning, they were surprised with the 12,000 shares and likes of their first post.  This gave them the confidence to believe in themselves.  What they had to offer the media industry felt truly new and different.

Friends, clients and colleagues continue to help spread the word for which they will be forever grateful.

So what of the present?

Today, the nurture and time invested in the past is starting to pay off with nearly 500 consultants and 72 clients, well beyond their wildest expectations. A huge thank you to everyone who has got involved.

Fundamentally their business model is a simple one based on People and Tech.  They are a platform that matches people efficiently but they never under-estimate the power of chat and love to talk (as anyone will tell you!), finding out more about what motivates individuals, what people are looking for both in the short and long term. 

They’ve learnt the importance of their tech doing the heavy lifting and they’ve been busy fine tuning the platform.  They are chuffed to have made the Female Frontiers shortlist for the category “Transforming with Technology”.

BUT they don’t always get it right as their developers will tell you.  They’ve learnt not to agonise over anything for too long and just focus on what needs sorting!

Thinking about the future?

As they look ahead, Laura and Kate have ambitious plans for 2022.  They are expanding the team to help them achieve their growth plans and they can’t wait to introduce them to you in January.

Anyone who is thinking about their media career, whether it’s permanent or freelance , will be able to find the right roles on the Liberty Hive platform - from projects, short term, parental cover through to senior permanent hires. Even if you just fancy a chat please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

The future is about giving people and companies the freedom to work and hire how they want to.  Liberty Hive and the team is there to support everyone’s resource requirements.

So no longer daunted by their task, these two Founders look to the future with excitement and hope. They continue to learn from the lessons of the past, be nimble in the present and work towards creating a stronger and more flexible future for talent in the media industry

So please continue to help us spread the buzz and look out for lots of new initiatives in 2022!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Laura & Kate