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Campaign Tech Awards winners 2023: Start-up of the Year

Two years ago, Liberty Hive set out to disrupt the media and marketing industry with a new era SaaS connections platform, positioned for the digital revolution of hybrid working and flexible talent acquisition.

To date, its community consists of nearly 1,000 candidates and 79 companies using the platform for hiring, including Hearst, Yahoo!, Aldi and L'Oréal. Described by one user as "a real breath of fresh air in their approach to recruitment"

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Government response to Liberty Hive Salary Transparency campaign

The Government is urging employers to adopt salary transparency and has acknowledged the important work Liberty Hive has done in promoting fair pay.  

The response to our open letter from the Equality Hub at the Cabinet Office outlines how the Pay Transparency Pilot scheme will be moved under the Inclusion at Work Panel.  The panel aims to “tackle bias and ensure fairness in the workplace.”

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Campaigners write open letter to government on future of pilot study

A year since the Government launched its pay transparency pilot, the founders of the technology-led talent platform, Liberty Hive, are asking the UK Government what’s next for salary transparency?

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Salary transparency could fix the UK’s pay gaps

Financial Times - Isabel Berwick and Sophia Smith

The UK’s salary transparency is at a six-year low, according to data from Adzuna, a popular UK job board. Meanwhile, pay gaps have widened and this is no coincidence, according to the US National Women’s Law Center.

It’s against this background that talent platform Liberty Hive is launching its campaign “Great Salary Reset”, which aims to bring more salary transparency to the UK. Liberty Hive wants companies to be legally required to list salary ranges in job listings, and has called on employers to stop asking candidates for their salary history.

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Liberty Hive Founders lead campaign for fairer salary listings

Recruiter - DEEDEE DOKE

A campaign to make salary transparency law has launched this week by the technology-led talent platform Liberty Hive.

The campaign calls for a ‘salary reset’ and demands that it becomes illegal for companies to ask a candidate’s salary history, while adding a legal requirement to list salary details on job adverts.

A statement from Liberty Hive said: “Failure to list salaries on job adverts as well as asking a candidate’s salary history are two processes that uphold inequality and slow the pace of change, especially for those who’ve been historically underpaid, mainly women and those from underrepresented groups.”

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New campaign aims to make job adverts without salary details illegal


There are three little words every jobseeker dreads seeing: Dependent on experience.

It’s an ambiguous term, one that means you can get all the way to interview stages before being told what salary is on offer.

A lack of transparency around pay wastes time, complicates the process, and entrenches pay inequality… and it may soon become a thing of the past...

...Now, Consultancy firm Liberty Hive is following suit, encouraging partners to list a salary range during the recruitment process and when posting job adverts.

The Great Salary Reset

Stylist Magazine - Amy Beecham

Once you’ve talked about your experience and the skills you think you’ll bring to the role, there comes a time in every job interview when the awkwardness starts to kick in. “What are your salary expectations?” you may be asked; a question for which there seems to be no easy answer.

However, a campaign that launches today (9 January) is aiming to make salary transparency part of the law. The Great Salary Reset, by talent platform Liberty Hive, is demanding that it becomes illegal for companies to ask about a candidate’s salary history and that it should be a legal requirement to list salary details on job adverts. 

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The Great Resignation

The Guardian - Miles Brignall

‘The Great Resignation’: almost one in four UK workers planning job change

Almost a quarter of workers are actively planning to change employers in the next few months, a report has claimed, as part of a “great resignation” prompted by a high number of vacancies and burnout caused by the pandemic.

A survey of 6,000 workers by the recruitment firm Randstad UK found that 69% of them were feeling confident about moving to a new role in the next few months, with 24% planning a change within three to six months.

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The Big Talent Crunch - A view from Xavier Rees

Campaign Magazine - Sept 2021

The fact is there simply isn’t enough talent to go round right now. And its not all down to the pandemic. It's time to nurture our own and to look for new people from further afield, from beyond the borders of adland.

At first I thought it was just us. But every agency leader I’ve spoken to in the past month is saying the same – we are all struggling to hire enough talent. A whole series of events has converged to create a perfect storm that makes recruitment more challenging now than at any other time in my 25 years in advertising. The fact is: there simply isn’t enough talent to go round, right now.

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