We hope you find these answers useful, we've covered them from both the employer and consultant perspectives. If you need any further help drop us an email


Employer Members 

Q: How much does it cost to become a member? 

A: Nothing! You can sign up for free. 


Q: How much does a job post cost? 

A:  Job posts will always cost one Liberty Hive Point (LH Points), no matter the skill or experience required. LH Points start from £595. The only thing we ask is if the role becomes permanent, we charge an additional LH Point which still represents great value. 


Q: How do you purchase LH Points?

A: Once you have set up your company profile, you will have a personalised dashboard. Here you can purchase LH Points, look at billing history and keep track of how many you have available. It is really easy to manage. 


Q: How can I pay for LH Points?

A: Our platform requires your credit card details but if this is a problem please get in touch as we understand some people might have to work to the traditional invoicing approach. 


Q: Do LH Points expire? 

A: No, once you buy full price LH Points, you can keep them in your account for as long as you like. 


Q: How do you recruit consultants? 

A: We have cast our net wide via digital partners, media conferences (AdWeek and Bloom), industry connections and social channels. The important thing to note, is we get to know every single one of our consultants before they join our community. 


Q: How do you vet consultants? 

A: Kate and Laura have a combined media experience of 50 years, so they know what good looks like. Liberty Hive prides itself on making time for every member. Following a one-to-one meeting (zoom these days), all consultants are required to provide two references before becoming an active part of our community.


Q: How good are your consultants? 

A: As well as knowing our consultants all individually, we also track their performance. We make feedback simple and easy so that we can capture it in real time. Eventually, this will be built into our technology but for now we do it manually. We give our consultants constructive feedback to help their development and also to provide any useful feedback on companies.


Q: How diverse is your community?

A: We believe our model celebrates and attracts diversity as it promotes accessibility for every consultant from every background. The technology removes any data that could prejudice (unconsciously or not) so that only the best person for the job will be matched, irrespective of their gender, ethnicity or education.  To date, we exceed the IPA industry targets with over 55% females from senior backgrounds and over 16% from black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds and we will continue to grow these numbers.    


Q: What level are your consultants? 

A: Our consultants are all experienced and as a general rule of thumb, most are Associate Director level and above. But, this may change as we expand so please watch this space. 


Q: Who can view my job post? 

A: When you post a job, you control who can see the opportunity. You can select to share it publicly (with all members on our platform) or just with matches. 


Q: Why not just use platforms like LinkedIn? 

A: Our platform saves you the time and effort of reading hundreds of CVs to get to the most targeted and appropriate for the role. A typical media position advertised on LinkedIn gets about 140 responses- that’s the equivalent of someone reading CV’s for three days. 


Q: What if I need more than one login?

A: It depends on how many you need, but it is worth contacting the founders. We are working on a membership scheme that saves you money on your posts, gives you multiple logins and has the technical capability of managing dashboards across your company. If this is of interest, please give us a buzz. 


Consultant Members

Q: How is Liberty Hive different to other job finding platforms? 

A: Our platform is more specific than the broader talent platforms out there. Our focus is 100% on the media and communications industry. Liberty Hive finds you the most suitable roles quickly, but importantly supports and connects you with this new media community. 


Q: What do you charge consultants? 

A: Nothing, we only ask you provide us with helpful feedback during our Beta phase. We are working on introducing a membership scheme in the future, we'll keep you posted. 


Q: How do I become a member? 

A: Anyone can apply to become a member, all you have to do is register online. You will receive an email instantly that provides a Calendly link so that you can schedule your “meet and greet” session. Following this call, two references will be required and then your account can be activated immediately. 


Q: What does my membership involve?

A: Consultant members will benefit from their own personalised dashboard which matches them to the best job opportunities. As well as tech, Liberty Hive will also provide its members with a community, supporting them with resource, advice and exclusive deals. 


Q: Who will see my profile?

A: When you apply for a job, the employer will be able to see your profile. To allow more members to see your profile, you can alter your privacy settings in account settings. 


Q: Do you offer training? 

A: Yes, we see this as an important part of our offering and your development. We work with some great trainers and coaches and can offer exclusive rates so it’s affordable for all. Get in touch with us and we can help match you together.


Q: How easy is it to set up my profile?

A: Think of your profile as a snappy CV and it won’t even take a quarter of the time because we have included simple drop down answers, specifically around skills and experience. If you are having a spot of writer's block, check out our handy tips on profile writing. If you are still unsure, please give us a buzz: 07747005822 or 07985 965419