At Liberty Hive we like to do things differently. Not for the sake of it but because we like to challenge ourselves to look at old solutions in a new way.

We have started with what is missing - affordable, fast connections - and designed a model that makes hiring flexible talent quick, easy and transparent.

The connections are targeted so there are no days wasted going back and forth creating a short list. This cost efficiency in this has been passed on to our Members.

Affordable.  Fair.  Versatile.



Simply purchase LH Points online to get started, from £595 plus VAT for one job post. Volume discounts apply, saving you up to 10%. It's free to subscribe. All you need to do is create your company profile with the information our Hivers need to know. 


It costs one LH Point to post a role. No more, no less- whatever the job specialism or experience required. We focus on short term roles and projects so the only thing we ask, is that for any freelance jobs resulting in an extension to the consultant’s contract beyond six months, an additional 3 LH Points are charged once the contract is agreed.

To help you get the best match for the role, see below for the options.  We have defined our roles as:

Role Type



Cost (plus VAT)

Short Term

Less than six    months

Number of Days / Weeks / Months

1 Liberty Hive Point (LHP)


Less than six months

Dependent on Brief – not days / weeks


Temp to Permanent

  6 Months +

Try before you commit

1 LHP + 3 LHPs if it becomes permanent or goes beyond 6 months

Parental Cover

 6 Months +

Maternity of Paternity Cover

1 LHP + 3 LHPs once contract is signed

Part Time


1-4 days

1 LHP + 3 LHPs once contract is signed



Full Time Role

1 LHP + 3 LHPs once contract is signed