Liberty Hive connects media specialists and media businesses quickly and easily. Turning the tables on traditional recruitment, the instant matching technology means it behaves more like a dating service for the media industry!


We have started with what is missing - affordable, fast connections - and designed a connections model that makes hiring flexible talent quick, easy and transparent. 


As the first platform of this kind in the media industry the benefits speak for themselves:


Easy:  Our platform is free to join and simple to sign up.  Every company has their own self-service dashboard so you can control and track your company job posts, applicants and billing.

Quick:  With over 500 media specialists we connect media companies in record time – Two thirds of our connections are made within 5 days and 8 hours is our personal best so far!

Agile: Whether you are looking for permanent, project or part time we cover all roles and skillsets in media.  Currently 50% of roles are permanent, 10% part time and 40% freelance.

Quality:  To attract the best talent we talk to all our media specialist, understanding the people behind each profile.  On average our team spend 40 hours a month talking to our talent.

Diverse: Our diverse talent pool is ahead of the IPA targets, this month 71% of connections were female, 18% from ethnic backgrounds and 43% are parents.

Accountable: 85% of job post results in a successful connection.  Each post is tracked and reported on views, applicants, and conversions, providing real time feedback every time.

Affordable: Starting at £295 to post over the past year we have collectively saved companies nearly £350K in our first year and have a flexible model for permanent and freelance hires.